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  • Introduction

    Discover the versatile and durable green 4-foot metal handle with a plastic threaded tip, an ideal tool for various cleaning tasks. Designed for both efficiency and ease of use, this handle promises durability and economic value.

    Design Features

    Material Specifications Constructed from robust metal and featuring a durable plastic tip, this handle combines strength with functionality, ensuring it can handle daily demands.

    Dimensions The handle's length is 4 feet with a diameter of 7/8 inches, providing a comfortable grip for users of all sizes.

    Color and Finish It sports a vibrant green powder coating, adding a layer of rust resistance while enhancing its overall aesthetic.


    Lightweight Nature The handle's lightweight design reduces user fatigue, making it ideal for prolonged use across various cleaning tasks.

    Ease of Handling Its ergonomic design and balanced weight make it comfortable to use, improving maneuverability in different cleaning environments.

    Compatibility This handle fits perfectly with multi-angle and vertical sweep brooms, as well as threaded floor squeegees models 271218G and 271224G.


    Ideal Usage Optimal for both indoor and outdoor cleaning, this handle is as versatile as it is effective.

    Specific Compatible Tools It seamlessly integrates with a broad range of cleaning tools, enhancing its utility.


    Material Durability The combination of metal and high-quality plastic ensures the handle stands up to wear and tear, making it a long-lasting addition to any cleaning toolkit.

    Economical Aspect

    Cost-effectiveness Given its long lifespan and versatility, this handle is a cost-effective choice that provides excellent value for the investment.


    This green metal handle surpasses other models in durability, ease of use, and adaptability, making it a superior choice for professional and home use.


    While highly versatile, this handle might not be the best fit for specialized tasks that require unique attachments.

    Customer Reviews

    Summary of Consumer Feedback Users frequently commend the handle for its durability and ease of use, appreciating its compatibility with various cleaning tools.


    The green 4-foot metal handle with a plastic threaded tip is a stellar choice for anyone seeking a reliable and adaptable cleaning tool. Its design and construction ensure it meets a wide range of cleaning demands with ease.


    1. Is the handle suitable for heavy-duty use? Yes, the handle is designed for heavy-duty use, thanks to its sturdy metal construction and durable plastic tip.

    2. Can the plastic tip be replaced if it wears out? While the plastic tip is built to last, it can be replaced if necessary, ensuring extended usability of the handle.

    3. Is the green powder coating resistant to chemicals? Yes, the green powder coating is specifically formulated to be resistant to chemicals, enhancing the handle's durability in various environments.

    4. How does this handle compare to fully metal or fully plastic options? This handle offers the best of both worlds, providing the strength of metal with the flexibility and lightness of plastic, making it more versatile and easier to handle than fully metal or plastic alternatives.

    5. Where can I purchase this handle? This handle is available at most hardware stores and online retailers that specialize in cleaning and maintenance supplies.

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